Almina Project Mining Consulting

Founded in 2012 with the great experiences of its staff all of whom are specialist in their field and dedicated themselves to transfer these experiences and assets that its self-appointed to the mining and engineering industry.
Almina Project Mining Consulting Inc. specializes in providing a broad range of geological consulting and field services to the natural resources sector. Our team comprises of highly experienced geologists and Mining engineers who have worked extensively in exploration, development and mining projects throughout Turkey and internationally. From the very beginning of its foundation Almina has adopted the principle of working honest and ethic by always considering fair trade and valuing its intellectual capital. Today Almina prides itself as one of the leaders in the geological consultancy and engineering industry. Our wealth of International experience provides the latest technology, equipment and advisory allowing us to give our customers the best services possible on-site and through other media. Local and international mining/ exploration companies often seek out our services, as Almina provides an unrivalled local field support team, which can be rapidly mobilized to site. Additionally Almina’s strict adherence to international standards sets it apart from its peers.