Kizilcukur Gold Project, Balıkesir

• Supervision and evaluation of an RC drilling program testing gold bearing in quartz veining system.
• Review and oversee day to day safety site issues
• Supervise Drilling Operating Procedures to match the international standards
• Review and supervise QA/ QC sampling procedure

Macka gumuski Polymetal Mining Project, Trabzon

• Project evaluation of the geological aspects of the Cu,Zn,Pb +(Au,Ag) mine.
• Underground inspection of ore zones
• Surface sampling of stock piles
• Review drill hole database
• Create conceptual geological model of mineralization
• Technical study on the potential increase in resources

Dulkadıroglu Copper Project, Kahramanmaras

• Early stage field exploration work to include mapping and sampling of a copper prospect.
• 1000 scale geological mapping of the area
• Rock sampling and structural mapping of the property
• Preparing a property evaluation technical report


Chromite Producing Mine Evaluation, Adiyaman

• Reserves evaluation of a Chromites producing mine
• Underground inspection of ore zones
• Review all geological plans and cross section of the deposit.
• Study the increase in resource potential
• Recommendations on further exploration field work

Several Property evaluation (JV partnership purpose), Izmir, Trabzon, Balıkesir

• Geological Assessment of various advanced Gold and Copper projects for a purpose of a possible JV partnership.
• Review all data and reports available on each project (geological, environmental and legal)
• Execute a site visit to each project
• Preparation a technical report for each project

Database management and geological staff training of a Silver and Gold Projects, Kutahya and Gumushane

• Database validation and QA/QC management of all drill hole data, surface data, topographic survey, surface sampling and geophysics
• Database verification and validation
• Organize the database in a format compatible with the format the mining software (Micromine) used for these projects.
• Training the geological staff on the standard operating procedures (SOP) of all aspects of geology.

TNT Lead and Zinc Project Moracco

• Surface and underground mapping
• Surface and underground sampling
• Assist and supervise underground topo survey
• Planning and implementing a drilling program
• Core logging, sampling, SpGr, REC, RQD, etc
• 3D modelling of all underground openings

Saheb Divan Cu, Mo (Au) Project Iran

• Planning and implementing a drilling program.
• Establishing a Standard Operating Procedure.
• implementing the JORC standard in all operations.
• Establishing a safety procedures for all operations.
• Supervise day to day operations in all fields of geology.
• Training the geological staff.